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Dedicated Server Custom

custom dedicated server

Custom Dedicated Server

Custom Dedicated Server , 100% customizable servers

Custom dedicated servers, 100% customizable servers built for maximum computing power and big data,  Dedicated server Custom Xeon & Opteron Performance Servers. Nasrinix offer selfmanaged dedicated servers. custom dedicated server in USA. High performance, Reliable servers. Unmanaged Dedicated server custom, your can customize as per your need. Cheap Dedicated Server. low cost server. 24X7 dedicated support. Best dedicated servers.

Unmanaged custom Dedicated server with excellent features at lowest cost. Our Dedicated Servers come made to measure to ensure you get the best results for your business. Provision them with a wide choice of RAM, SSD /HDD hard drives and bandwidth options.

Our dedicated servers are unmanaged. All dedicated servers are backed by our 99.9% up-time Guarantee. We use only high quality, major brand, server class hardware. In the event that a server component fails, we have spares on site for quick replacement. Our network is backed by reliable and fully redundant networking.

Xeon Dedicated Server,  100% customizable server at $ 60USD

Custom Dedicated Server plans suits your every need

Dual Intel Xeon 54202.5Ghz - 2 processors
8 Cores / 8 Threads
16 GB DDR2 ECC500 GB SATA • 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 70 USD/ mo

(Rs.4900 INR/ mo)


Dual Intel Xeon 55202.5Ghz - 2 processors
8 Cores / 16 Threads
16 GB DDR3 ECC3 TB SATA • 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 90 USD/ mo

(Rs.6300 INR/ mo)


Dual Xeon 56392.13GHz - 2 processors
12 Cores / 24 threads
16 GB DDR3 ECC4 TB SATA • 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 100 USD/ mo

(Rs.7700 INR/ mo)


Dual Xeon 56502.13GHz - 2 processors
12 Cores / 24 threads
32 GB DDR3 ECC4 TB SATA• 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 110 USD/ mo

(Rs.7700 INR/ mo)


Xeon E3-1230v23.2 GHz / 3.6 GHz Turbo
4 Cores/ 8 Threads
32 GB DDR3 ECC4 TB SATA• 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 110 USD/ mo

(Rs.7700 INR/ mo)


Dual Xeon E53.5Ghz processor
20 cores / 40 Threads
64 GB DDR3 ECC4 TB SATA• 100TB Monthly Transfer
• 5 usable IPv4
$ 160 USD/ mo

(Rs.11200 INR/ mo)



Features of Unmanaged Dedicated Servers.

IPMI Services

Our entire line of Managed Dedicated Servers now include built-in IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface). Use IPMI to reboot your server remotely from anywhere in the world in case of network or system issues. IPMI also offers power cycle features and server health monitoring, all integrated into your CORE Client Portal.

Server Security Shield

Security is of paramount importance on today’s internet. We pay special attention to each server’s security, pre and post production, to provide peace of mind to our clients. All our Managed Dedicated Servers undergo a five point security inspection before they are deployed to ensure they are secure and ready for production.

Un-managed Dedicated Servers

Nasrinix Technologies Pvt Ltd offers High performance un-managed dedicated servers at unbeatable prices. This is ideal for companies without an IT staff or people lacking in advanced web server knowledge. Save money and time while focusing on your core business initiatives. we provides all unmanged features of dedicated servers.


Why Choose Us?

Quickly embrace optimal results via clicks-and-mortar opportunities Enthusiastically deploy high standards.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

High Quality hardware is specifically designed and engineered to work fast..

Uptime and Scalability

We have proactive monitoring down to seconds with reactive solutions in place.

Superior Support

We employed staffs of fully trained, friendly and professional teams that are available 24/7.

100% customizable server

Custom dedicated server

Dedicated servers experience the matchless benefits of high performance, security, email stability, and control. Dedicated hosting services primarily differ from managed hosting services in that managed hosting services usually offer more support and other services.

A dedicated server is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else. This is more flexible than shared hosting, as organizations have full control over the server(s), including choice of operating system, hardware, etc. There is also another level of dedicated or managed hosting commonly referred to as complex managed hosting. Complex Managed Hosting applies to both physical dedicated servers, Hybrid server and virtual servers, with many companies choosing a hybrid (combination of physical and virtual) hosting solution. There are many similarities between standard and complex managed hosting but the key difference is the level of administrative and engineering support that the customer pays for – owing to both the increased size and complexity of the infrastructure deployment. The provider steps in to take over most of the management, including security, memory, storage and IT support.

Xeon Dedicated Server

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